Door Openers

Genie 6070 & 6170

Genie Models 6170 & 6070 feature our all-new wall mount design. The openers eliminate the traditional rail & powerhead design by attaching directly to the garage door’s spring tube.

Model 6170 includes integrated Aladdin Connect smart garage door controller and battery backup. Model 6070 does not include those features, although either can be added at a later date. Find more features on these garage door openers below.

Genie 6070 & 6170


  • New Wall Mount Style: Clears up ceiling space by eliminating rail & powerhead from ceiling. You can use the freed up space for extra storage or just enjoy the clean, uncluttered look.
  • Aladdin Connect (Model 6170 only): Integrated smart garage capability provides the ability to remotely monitor & control your garage door with your smart device from almost anywhere at any time, while tracking the operation of your door. Since Aladdin Connect is built into the opener, you do not need to add any other hardware. Works in conjunction with your home router.
  • Battery Backup (Model 6170 only): Getting in and out of the garage during a power outage has never been easier when your Genie battery backup kicks in. (Required in California)
  • Safe-T-Pulse™ System: Patent-pending system that provides internal tension monitoring of door cables with an electronic pulse during initial door travel.
  • Bright LED Light: This provides an ample glowing light with flexibility to place fixture wherever desired in the garage.
  • Door Lock: Ensures no one can open the door from the outside without first pulling the release handle on the inside.
  • Pre-programmed Remote: Remote is ready to use out-of-the-box. (Simple steps to change programming if desired)
  • If you have a TorqueMaster Counterbalance Spring System, you will need an adapter kit (see below under Recommended Accessories)